Crea Marketing Diffusion sas

is creating or importing and distributing innovative and educational games or toys.

CMD S.A.S. is an associated company of  LEXIFONE and ODYSSEY Toys USA

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    Lexifone is a developer and a manufacturer of Smart Toys and innovative products. They aspire to shape the future of toys by introducing new play experiences that are both enjoyable an educational, fulfilling the need for play and connection of both children and families around the world.

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    CMD TOYS is the department in charge of games and toys dissemination, especcialy focused on games or toys with (AR) Augmented Reality & (VR) Virtual Reality APP, which are the current craze ! Crea Marketing Diffusion sas is an

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ARIA's Adventures Stock availability july 2018

AR BOW Stock availability july 2018

AR RACER Stock availability july 2018

AR LASER BEAM Stock availability Shortly...

Isticky Stock availability july 2018

AniMates Stock availability july 2018

Reality Room Stock availability Shortly...

Friends From the Jungle Stock availability Public price: 19,90€

World of Numbers Stock availability Shortly...

World of Letters Stock availability Shortly...

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